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Living in London without a garden or balcony? Here’s how to create your own outdoorsy vibe inside!

On the bus back to sunny Suffolk

I am a country girl. Born and bred in a little Suffolk town called Beccles. My parents were from London and Essex and they moved to Suffolk in their twenties to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Now in my Twenties myself, I am always in awe of the fast paced living, regular transport and the fact you could get any nationality cuisine you fancy at any time of night. In one way I wish I could live in London to be able to say that I have done it but in the same breath I have a mortgage and family/friends where I grew up. London does seem to have everything you might possibly need in life but are there some set backs? Of course. City skylines dominate the horizon and although fascinating to crane your neck up to see the top, I would miss not having a garden or outdoor space which is my own. How do you get around this? Buy somewhere bigger… A tall order for London house prices. Another , more realistic way is to get as much of the outdoorsy feel in your flat or studio apartment as possible. Here are the best examples I have found.

All photos from my Pinterest board

Plants plants plant. Great for purifying the air, boosting oxygen and enhancing productivity you can make a concrete jungle flat your own jungle whilst learning a new hobbie on the way. Hang them the ceilings, mount them on walls, put them in pictures, group them, whatever you can think of. Get creative with it. 
LP xo

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