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Secret world within Sostrene Grene 

When you go shopping do you ever find that you fall in love more with the decor than what’s being sold in the shop? Yeah I do too! You can actually study Retail Interior Design and have an awesome day job designing shops, shopping malls and even shop windows – something which is really impressionable if you think about it. I have lost count of the number of times I haven’t gone into a shop because I didn’t like what was in the window. It’s mad how you can subliminally disregard a shop because of the window display. 

This shop pick is based on a little shop called Sostrene Green which I visited during Graduation weekend. Founded by two craft-loving Danish ladies Anna and Clara, the shop holds stationary equipments, interior design homeware, children’s toys and gift wrapping. This really is my kinda shop! If I ever opened a shop (which is a little dream of mine), it would have a similar vibe to this!

The decor within the shops is also right on trend with low hanging pendant lights, monochrome colour scheme and raw pine wood displays which appear like dressers. You must pop in to your nearest one to have a mosey!

Another favourite is the miniature greenhouse as below. (Following images from their wicked website Take a look here)

If anyone else shares a love for design, crafts or interiors I’d love to get in touch. Have a look at my contact me page of my blog. 

LP xo


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