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It’s been a while but… New dream job in designing kitchens and bathrooms!

I have been off social media for a couple of days because I have had some life-changing news… I have got a Design Consultant job! Yay!!

It all happened really quickly actually, so Friday I learned I was put forward for the internal vacancy, Monday I was invited in for an ‘informal chat’, Tuesday I went and was offered the job there and then! All good comes to those who wait I guess. 

So after the initial home visit for my late Grandad’s bathroom – a long six years ago which led to inspire me to complete an online Diploma, a distance learning degree in Interior Design and just under a year working as a Kitchen and Bathroom Advisor, I am finally there! I can’t wait to be able to change people’s home lives for the better every single day. 

There you have it. Sorry not sorry I have not been blogging but I have been celebrating instead. What a fab year and month too after just graduating. I will keep you updated on my new job too. 

An inspirational quote is definitely apt here:

Peace out people! 

LP xo


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