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Unless you have been held captive for the past couple of years you will know and appreciate grey interiors. It might be down to the 50 Shades of Grey book – thanks again E. L. James. Alas, it is in and continues to be the number one colour people want at the moment. I work in designing kitchens and bathrooms and if I had a jar with the amount of times I hear grey every day – I’d be able to give up work altogether. Although you might be bored of seeing lots of grey decor all over the shops and Pinterest, I want to give you your grey home decor mojo back by showing you the different colours you can use which will go with it. Take a look at my Pinterest board for all the images used in this post plus more inspiration.

Yellow and Grey

A classic! What shade or hue yellow you use is entirely up to you. If you want a space to feel fresh, awakening and Skandi, use a sunshiny bright yellow. If you would rather a warm, all-year-round, romantic vibe you can use a mustard shade.


Pink and Grey

Not your every day combination but it works. Dusty pink is a particular favourite of mine which happens to be the colour scheme for my bedroom. Post coming soon on that you lucky lot! Hot pink can work too as well as any shade in between as long as it is carefully planned and coordinating. My design motto is “everything in a room should coordinate and not match”. True story!


Blue and Grey

Not used as much in interiors as the above, however you can really create a cool, calm effect with these two colours or alternatively, an electric, alive bachelor pad look.


Purple and Grey

I love purple! It is my second favourite colour. Purple scream romance to me but you can also create a lovely calming effect with it.


Orange and Grey

Orange is my favourite colour of all time and therefore I have put a lot more pictures on this board. It yells out energy and happiness and in an interior it can be really striking and bold. Mix various shades of orange together for an Autumnal appeal.


Green and Grey

Be it a lime green or pastel mint, green is lush! It just looks yummy and moreish and when paired with grey, tranquil retreats or funky modern interiors can be created.


Hope you like the post. Comment and like if so!

LP xo



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