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I am one of these people that since buying my house two years ago I still check Rightmove on a weekly basis to see if there are any nicer houses in my town. I also peruse the million pound listings at least once a month just in case I win the lottery that I don’t play. Haha! Please let me know if I am not alone on this! Occasionally I do check the listings for houses in America, Australia and Thailand. Random I know but I like to see how much house I could buy for my money.

A place that has always fascinated me is Florida and if you fancy having a little look at some Florida real estate there is none better than Douglas Elliman. Have a snout at the Florida home listings here. Now in case you weren’t convinced have a look at these photos which will make you want to fly off tomorrow morning!

Photo credits: Google

Now before you go and book your holiday I want to talk about Floridian (I have no idea if the natives call themselves this) styled interiors. The way Americans would decorate a home would be very different to a British person in my opinion and you can look at my Pinterest board to see some Florida inspired decor. These are my favourite pictures. 

Photo credits: ByHelenaCoastal StyleHome BunchSeaside Naturals

Here are some my top tips for decorating a beachy themed rooms:

Wall coverings: Stay light and go on the pastel palette for a fresh peaceful vibe. Colours on the blue/grey hue are great for looking both sophisticated and casual. I love a paintwork in terms of window sills, skirting boards and ceilings being a pure brilliant white. Always go matt finish and use eggshell or satinwood instead of gloss if you can.

Floor coverings: Keep it warm and textured. The key in a beachy themes space is to keep as many natural or natural-looking products as possible. A rustic laminate flooring would do wonders to maintaining a driftwood theme throughout. Keep the flooring consistent throughout if you can. I think a beach house is ideal for having the same flooring in every room, as it create a fluid and flowing design.

Lighting: Make sure it is dimmable and candles must be in abundance! go for wooden lights which imitate lanterns.

Window treatments: Keep it light, transparent and neutral. I love a good voile

Furniture: Less is more. Wide open spaces are nicer in a beach room. Free-flowing air is important in keeping the space feel fresh and having lots of clutter will add clutter to the mind.

Accessories: As above, keep it simple, don’t overdo it. Go for about five one off pieces which are unique, beautiful and luxurious. They will not only stand out more in a room but they will become conversational pieces.

Here is my DREAM Florida lounge. See below for supplier details.

Cole & Son Apex wallpaper by Wallpaper direct

Monty Sofa in Peacock brushed cotton by

Riley Nordic Blue Luman Swivel Chair by John Lewis

Rustic Storage Chest by The Orchard Home and Gifts

Large Rouen Rustic Wooden Sideboard by Oka

The Alchemist Radio Valve Filament Clear Glass Pendant Light by Pomegranate Living

Rae Rug By Heals

Shilong grey/ off white cushion by Luma Direct

Bhutan grey/ off white cushion by Luma Direct

Ikat Tribes blue cushion by Luma Direct

Zigzag Blue cushion cover by Luma Direct

Tiger Dot blue cushion by Luma Direct

Ombré Abstract Wallart by Etsy

Decorative Oyster Shell Ornament by Wayfair

Voyage Maison Bezel Ombré Sapphire table lamp by Turnbull and Thomas

Coastal Blue Ombré Hurricane Lamp by John Lewis

So there you have it. My American Dream Floridian home from home. 

LP xo


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