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It is Summer time officially! YAY! This means everyone will be getting round to clearing the garden, preening curb-appeal and finishing odd paint jobs. Many people dread these times but I enjoy getting the shorts on, getting some great Summer music on and getting my tan on. Maybe even a chilled cider or Pimms to go with it!

So I went to Norwich yesterday and I was stuck in traffic when I noticed three Victorian houses next door to each other with green, blue and red doors. Something about this caught my eye and I was desperate to look at the different door colour when I got home which I would love to share with you. Each house was immaculate from the outside with perfectly trimmed shrubs in symmetry along small rectangular gardens.

Here are some gorgeous painted doors I could find which are from my Pinterest page.


Moreish Moscato is so original. My bedroom is this colour 😉 Photo credit: Apartment Therapy


How cute is this Wisteria!!! Photo credit: Pollyanna Pumpkin


Why not paint a mural on the door? Well, if you are going to do so, make sure to get a professional! Photo credit: Flickr


Great use of contrasting colours here. So feminine and yet also formal looking. Photo credit: Relics of Witney


Traditional postbox red! Photo credit: Indulgy



Sage – a very popular colour this year! House to Home



Victorian black! Photo credit: Red Bubble



Okay so this is not a painted door, but it shows what a lovely contrast you can create by painting your masonry! Photo credit: Hello Fashion Blog



Minty green. This is utterly  refreshing! Photo credit: The Life The Style


Bright and sunshiny yellow! Photo credit: Bystephanielynn



Teal. I LOVE this but have to admit I don’t know if I would go for this one myself. Photo credit: Prima

I have purposely not included any white doors, the reason being that this is the most common colour for front doors. I too have a white front door – I am reluctant to admit! Haha. I bought my house two years ago and this is my first home. I am looking to move in a couple of years and my partner and I have decided we will change these sort of things then. We can still dream in the meantime though!

LP xo


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