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This week’s shop pick of the week is inspired by an awesome post on Ideal Home’s Twitter. (Give me a cheeky follow too on  Twitter ;)).

I am not usually a lover of white walls after studying colour and the psychology behind it, I just got put off it. To me it is all a bit stark, clinical and unimaginative. There is a colour wheel for a reason people! Haha. This photo however has changed my thoughts on this and I am going to teach myself to love white a little more from now on.


Photo credit: Ideal Home

On the back of this photo I wanted to find some cushions which would really stand out in a white room. This week, I’m talking Tk Maxx. I LOVE the home accessories in TK Maxx because they are original, quirky and bloomin’ good value!

These three cushions are my shop picks:

All of these can be found on Tk Maxx’s website so take a little look. They are all £39.99 each which I think is totally worth it. They create a stunning focal points in a room, particularly a white room. Having a cushion with multiple colours gives you flexibility in other home accessories so be brave even if there are colours within which you would not usually chose.

I love the watercolour painting effect on these cushions so if you are feeling really daring, you could try a bit of watercolour painting on fabric and make your own or you could buy some gorgeous fabric from your local fabric retailer. I love a good homemade home so why not have a little go at making your own.

Have a happy colourful week everyone!

LP xo


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