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Happy Sunday everyone!

So instead of picking an individual item from a shop this week, I am just going to pick the whole shop because there were too many beautiful pieces to chose from. I had a little day trip with my bestie to Norwich to try and find a graduation dress – which we managed to find – eventually after about six hours of shopping. YAY! This is the type of shop I DREAM of having one day – well this and a bakery anyway.

So we went to this little place called Berrys & Grey or B&G for short which can be found in Norwich’s Royal Arcade shopping centre. The Royal Arcade is an original beautiful Art-Deco shopping arcade with lots of little places to explore. Jamie Oliver’s Italian is my favourite!

So, back to the shop. It holds a host of quaint unique pieces which would nicely accessorise a range of differently styled rooms.  Have a little look at my pictures below.

My favourite piece has to be this little frame which my friend picked out. It sums me and her up really. I LOVE marble, love rose and can’t get enough of gold! Ha! As I love a little crafting, so many of these little cute oddities could easily be made at home both inexpensively and so that you have 100% one-off pieces, plus the satisfaction that you made it.


So if you are ever popping to Norwich, make sure to pop in to the Royal Arcade and definitely Berrys & Grey.

LP xo


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