I have never been an avid reader of books although I always try to as much as I can. I am much more interested in reading home magazines, blogs and websites. I finished my degree in April and I finally have a chance to start reading properly, not just because I have to.

Every house needs a couple of spots to read, inspire and work in. What I mean by inspire is a place you go to get inspiration for the next project, and a place which will allow you to clear your mind. I think a quiet place which is simple in design which allows you a blank canvas to get creative works well. In my own home I have created three reading nooks.

The bedroom nook:

Ideal for reading magazines because of the upright positioning. I do usually put my feet up on the ottoman- which has a pile of home magazines stacked neatly. I will be doing a post about this chair which has great sentimental value to me as it was my late grandad’s.

The conservatory nook:

This is my most used reading nook because I love sitting and looking into the garden. (Even more so since we have done lots of work in the garden- post coming soon). My conservatory is packed full of plants which just makes me feel calm and awake- studies show plants in rooms help concentration. The perfect setting to delve into a good book.

The dressing room nook:

I turned a simple wooden bed frame into this comfy day bed. Guess what? Post coming soon! Hehe! This is my evening space to read (once the cushions have been rearranged). I also lay in here when writing blog posts or scanning Pinterest!

I have created a board on my Pinterest board to give you a little inspo as the kids call it these days. Also follow me on Bloglovin!

I would love to hear any book recommendations you have!



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