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The weather has been great this last week with the exception of today where it thundered for a little while. I was inspired to do a post about garden fencing which may sound like it will be a load of tot, but hear me out. So I am painting my fence from a dark green colour to a black and it looks lovely. I have only seen one other black fence which was my boyfriend’s mum’s and this inspired my look. Here is my garden. I just love how the heat from the pink fuscia shrub is brought out by this backdrop. It just makes the garden look sexy! Yes I did refer to a garden as being sexy!

image1 [133726].JPG

Here are some beautiful examples of how to use colour for your fence and garden projects. All can be found on my Pinterest board.


DIY your crafts


Jane Cumberbatch’s Pure Style Online

Maybe even keep the natural wood look. Looks very Scandi with this thin  horizontal slatting.


Designmag France




Hendy Curzon



Get a bit creative and even look into B&Q’s own brand of paint called Valspar. There are thousands of paints which can be used for interior and exteriors. I am not endorsing or in any shape or form being paid to say this but in my opinion it is the best paint you can buy. (I work for a major competitor too so shouldn’t say this! Ha!) Take a look at their website.

I would love to see any photos you have of your own fence colours. The bolder the better!

LP xo




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