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So the last few posts I have written have been about interior design which is my biggest passion. My second biggest passion is art – hence my screen name Laurenpaigeartanddesign.

I did my first ever vlog today which you can watch on YouTube. I love abstract art because it’s fun and a bit light hearted. It can work in so many room design styles and can be updated with a bit of colour if you want.

I have completed self portraits in pencil of my face before but have never taken photos of my body so this post has really taken me out of my comfort zone. Hey ho, all in the name of art! Here are my self portrait photos.

No judging. This is all in the name of art. The end result for the first photo is below. See my YouTube video if you want to see how to quickly and easily create one yourself!

I have also decorated my bedroom with this similar styled artwork to coincide with the rest of the colour scheme. Here is the end result. I am on the left and my partner is on the right. The original photos were from our holiday to Tunisia where we were jumping on the beach to get some great pictures.

I will be doing the rest of the portraits in paint soon!

LP xo


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