I don’t know about you but writing this post title has gotten Sam Sparro’s Black and Gold song stuck in my head. Anyway, happy Sunday everyone! A lot of people dread Sunday nights because it means work again but they are personally my favourite day of the week. As I have said in previous posts, I work in sales which means work every weekend. As I have Tuesdays off work, Mondays are like my Friday. Anyway, back to design blogging. I will be doing a weekly Shop Pick of the Week post on my favourite window shopped item and how it makes me want to use it which will give you something to look forward to on Sunday nights.

I live in Beccles which is a small market town in Suffolk and if I want to get my fix of all things interiors I will often go to Norwich – A Fine City it proclaims and a fine city it is. I went this week and wandered around House of Fraser – a renowned British department store since 1800-odd. I LOVE going in here because there are some gorgeous unique items you can come across. This week I was particularly grabbed by some plates which gave inspiration for this post to do with dressers.

Take a look at these plates! So bloomin’ gorgeous! I am a sucker for some quality bone china plates. Not many people have a ‘best set’ of dining plates and cutlery anymore and I just think why not? I remember being young and I would set the old Mahogany family dinner table for 8 people every Sunday for a roast. I admit that at the time I hated being asked to set the table, but I loved the special occasion feeling it brought every Sunday for quality family time. As a family who grew up eating of laps most nights, this was a big deal. You knew everyone would be on best behaviour and it brings back many happy memories. My mum was very trusting in me with her best chinaware in hindsight because I was only about eight or nine. I think a best set is definitely something every house should have, even if it is only brought out for Christmas and Easter. They can be pricey though and typically I have gone for one of the most expensive in this post – £24 for a bread and butter plate. As I would say to my customers at work – it is called good taste – not expensive taste haha! You can definitely find a lot cheaper.

Another thing people are having less and less of these days is a dresser. Why is this? I think the association of dressers now is a formal thing which would only be seen in a dining room or more country kitchen nowadays.

For my dissertation at uni I studied the traditional English drawing room and guess what guys and girls – it will be obsolete in the next hundred years. This is tragic in my opinion because it was such and important space in the most influential era in English history – the Victorian period. Here’s a little history for you now. The drawing room was replaced by the lounge as we call it now. What is happening to dining rooms? Well, they are being knocked into kitchens to make larger, more sociable kitchen diners. I believe that as a result of this, meal times are now less formal than they used to be and therefore not as many people have ‘best’ plates, cutlery etc. What do I want to do when I move now? I want a dresser somehow and if I can afford it, a space for a formal dining room.

Take a look at my Dresser Ideas board in Pinterest for inspiration. Even if you don’t want to have an actual dresser in a large kitchen diner, you could have some kitchen units with some dresser/display units on it to create your own bespoke dresser. I see this being done in my job every day as a Kitchen and Bathroom Advisor. Here are a few examples of dressers as taken from my Pinterest board.

There is so much you can do now. Paint the dressers in an accent colour to create a feature or focal point in the room – as opposed to the television – a real pet peeve of mine. I love the idea of having some wallpaper on the back panel to create an artistic appeal. Add little lights in if you like or just turn it into a bar. The possibilities are endless.

Have a good week everyone!

LP xoxo


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