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Happy Hump Day everyone!

Further to my last post I have put together a little mood board on my bathroom design which will be installed in September this year whilst I am sunning it up in Crete!

You can see how my design has been inspired by my trip to Iceland and the beauty of incorporating natural items where possible. If you didn’t, go and have a little read now.

Here is operation bathroom:


It didn’t take me long to put this together as I was able to use Olioboard.com a site which I frequently used throughout my degree in Interior Design. Seeing everything together makes me feel excited and it also allows me to see how the products work together and yes they definitely do!

It helps to write down costs as you go. Maybe don’t include the accessories to begin with as these can be added a little later. Prices for goods and fitting can be costly all at once! I have to say that I managed to get the above white goods with taps, wastes and thermostatic shower all for £200. How? Ex display items. I’m no snob. Actually that’s not true, I am a snob but I am a sensible snob! Haha! Working in the industry I knew what to look out for and as long as you carefully look at the products over and get a plumber to check them, you can’t go wrong. Just look at my bath too. It is a double ended arch bath meaning no front panel is needed which can get easily damaged. I am one happy girl!

Bring on September when this will be fitted. Watch this space for more about my bathroom project.

LP xoxo


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