Happy Bank Holiday everyone!

As I work in sales I don’t get the weekends off because they are the busiest times of the week – but that also means more commission so I’m not complaining. I have however been lucky enough to have today off which has been nice to spend some time with my partner Cem (pronounced Gem – Turkish name). Why is it though that when we do finally get a day off together, we end up talking about jobs which need doing in the house and garden? This is really like heaven to me because I love all things home!

It is all about our bathroom at the moment and if you read my last post about preparing to decorate a space you may have seen my suggestive hint to this post in the photo – if not go back and read it anyway. We bought our house just under two years ago now and have slowly made our way room by room through the house – and it looks pucker! (A word only appropriate for divine interior design – if I say so myself) 😉 Disposable income for first time buyers isn’t unlimited and we plan to be in the house for another two years-ish before we sell up and buy something bigger. The bathroom is the ‘weak point’ in the house at the moment and we don’t want to spend loads of money on it but it still has to be gorgeous of course!

Kitchens and bathrooms are two most dreaded spaces to redesign in the house – and lucky for me it is my job as a Kitchen and Bathroom Advisor to help people with this every single day. I strongly advise that you go to retailers who usually offer a free, no obligation planning and home measuring service to help with this– so you have nothing to lose. I will say that the installation costs can be very pricey and it is best to get a couple of individual quotes for private tradesmen too.

So here is my list of likes and dislikes for my bathroom which was compiled along with my partner – a very important factor people!

image1 [74622]

The list took about five minutes and from it, we now understand the scale of the project and it has helped to create a wish list or need list which looks a bit like this:

  • 1700mm bath
  • Hand basin with large bowl – my preference as this is what we have currently
  • New loo with push button cistern and not back to wall
  • New bath screen
  • Thermostatic shower
  • Matching bath shower tap, basin taps
  • Floor tiles
  • Wall tiles
  • New extractor fan

Now that we have this, the fun bit can begin – PINTEREST TIME! This for me is vital in getting a grip of styles, looks and finishes you are trying to achieve. Go pinning mad and narrow it down to a final four pictures. Take a look at my board here.

I already know the look I/we are looking to achieve and it comes from my trip away with my partner to Iceland earlier this year. The trip was the most relaxing and romantic place I have been and this is the ambience I want to re-create in my bathroom. We toured Langjokull – the second largest glacier in Iceland and the only place in the world where you can do this. The hotel Husafell was the meeting point and I fell in love with the Conservative architecture with a modern rustic-industrial vibe. Here are a couple of photos of the hotel.

Having a space designed by the nature surrounding was utterly inspiring. Artist Páll Guðmunds­son hand carved faces onto the volcanic rock in the foyer. His work is available to see at a gallery nearby too.

Also during our trip we went to one of the many wonders of the world – the Blue Lagoon. The natural spring setting with volcanic rock just brought me closer to nature than I have ever felt and I knew I wanted to create the same feeling every day somehow i.e. project bathroom.


The mezzanine expansive space with a focal wall holding cut lava rock was beautiful and I will somehow bring this in to my own bathroom. To me, interior design is so much more than picking something that looks nice. It is all about combining design principles to stimulate the senses and brings happiness. My next post will be about mood boards and budgeting.

LP xoxo


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